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Want to be a restaurant vendor?

We would love for you to join the fun!

Uncorked is a great place to interact with your community of future customers. Meet hundreds of people who will make your restaurant their next outing! We're not going to lie, from wine and food tasting to live music, our vendors have a pretty fun time there too.


How it works

Each restaurant booth comes tented and equipped with two 6' tables. One for the front and one as a back prep table. You do not have to pay for your stall however, because this is a charity event restaurants donate the food or beverage and staff for the occasion. Each booth can have a max of two staff members. Food or beverage is served tasting size. We recommend enough bite sized tasting portions for 800 people. We will provide ice for your booth and a black table cloth. We also provide signage for your booth but feel free to bring your own signs, logos, or decoration to stand out! Our new location does require a fire extinguisher for each booth so please bring one along with you. 

We will provide maps, your stall number, and delivery times upon sign up.

Sign up for uncorked

Thanks for registering. We are working on our maps and will send them to you shortly.

Ready to join the magic? Sign up below! We will send you map info and complimentary social posts shortly.

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